About Us

Our Mission

We at C&T Staging and Design strive to help you sell faster and sell for more value. Staging can be done for a variety of listings including condos, townhouses, and detached homes. Through our constant and diligent work in today’s market, we understand the values and tastes of today’s buyers.

We maximize the space available and emphasizes the functionality of the room to give potential buyers ideas with what they can achieve with your listing. We house a collection of design pieces ranging from classic vintage to creative modern to flashy luxury for all homeowner preferences and types of styles popular in today’s market. The variety of unique furnishings we own can match each room to create any desired theme or tone all the while standing out compared to other listings.

The client being our #1 priority means that we endeavor to bring you satisfaction and peace of mind with our top-notch services.

Our Process

When you select C&T Staging Design, you are selecting a team of professionals equipped with a catalog of stunning furniture providing you with years of face to face customer service.

We begin the staging process by having one of our sharp-eyed specialists come to your home for a consultation where they will discuss your desired look, budget, target audience, and timeline. Afterwards, we will construct a detailed cost proposal that addresses all your needs while being cost effective at the same time. When everything down to the last detail is agreed upon by you, we will complete the work order by bringing the desired pieces to stage your home for your desired look.

Our delivery team has gone through many staging orders and have been reviewed to be meticulously careful, but at the same time very quick and time efficient. They will be the same team responsible for moving the furniture away as well after your listing has been completed.

Next Steps…

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